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Learn skills to solve 
people problems


Effective skills, described concretely.


Highly selected and distilled skills that you will actually remember and use rather than tons and tons of hard to remember stuff.


Continuous improvement, experimental/empyrical mindset, no doctrine.

We only have one life, so let's live it the best we can

You can live a happier and more meaningful life, by learning better models and methods to improve yourself and your interpersonal relationships at work and beyond.


Experienced entrepreneur and product strategist. He has worked with a wide ranges organisations: from startups to huge multi-national corporations. Michał loves it when powerful solutions can be expressed in a very succinct form.

Zuzanna Mrożewska

UX researcher and designer with
a passion for human-computer interaction. She holds two Masters degrees in Japanese Studies and Psychology. Zuzanna believes everyone should learn how to solve life issues with Design Thinking.


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